Looking for an alternative to Google Maps geocoding?

Tired of over-spending for geocoding?

Using open data via OpenCage can significantly reduce your costs

The benefits of Open Data

  • Use data wherever you like
  • Store it as long as you need
  • Benefit from continual fixes of the crowd

With Google Maps none of this is possible
Robert Theml
Using open data has many benefits, doing it via OpenCage means one less thing for us to maintain.
Robert Theml · Director · SIXT Share

Stop Over-Spending

Why pay 10-20x more than you need to?

We offer affordable, predictable pricing, with no long-term commitment required.

And we'll actually answer your mails when you have a question.

Technical differences

Google offers a great geocoder, no doubt. But it's one of many, many different geospatial services they provide. Their APIs get complicated fast.

We focus purely on geocoding.

Our API is simpler and focused, and we have SDKs for 30+ languages to make the transition straight-forward.

Comparing geocoding services?

See our Geocoding Buyer's Guide for a full list of all the factors to consider.

Feature Comparison

  OpenCage geocoding Google Maps geocoding
forward geocoding
reverse geocoding
data: worldwide coverage
data: can be stored (cached) forever
data: can be shown on any map
data: can be corrected
data: annotations
timezones, FIPS codes, NUTS codes and many more

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there and easy way to test OpenCage?
Yes, try our demo page, or register for a free-trial (requires just an email, takes 1 min).
Does OpenCage require a long-term commitment?
No, cancel whenever you like for any reason.
Can I use OpenCage and Google?
Yes. Many customers do this as a way to significantly reduce their costs. Read our guide.

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