Reducing your Google geocoding costs

Using open data can significantly reduce your geocoding costs

Are you spending too much on geocoding?

If you are using only Google, the answer is almost certainly YES.

What can you do?

For many use cases freely available open data (for example OpenStreetMap) will meet your needs just as well as expensive data from providers like Google.

Open data has many other benefits beyond just being radicaly more affordable, but it can be a bit complex to get up to speed with the open data ecosystem and tools.

This is where a service like ours comes in. We provide a highly-available, well documented, simple to understand, affordable geocoding API.

You can use our API to completely replace Google, or in combination with Google. Many customers first try us, if they get an answer that meets their needs they are done, if not they use Google. In this way they can typically cut their costs by 80-90%.

What next?

Here's an overview of how our service differs from Google's geocoding.

You can test our API on our demo page, or grab your API key by signing up for our free trial.

So you can move quickly we have tutorials and SDKS for 30+ programming languages.

If you want to see for yourself how much more affordable we are, please have a look at our pricing where we offer subscription and one-time plan.

Customers worldwide are using open data from the OpenCage geocoding API

We're proud to work together with organizations, large and small, around the world, and across a wide spectrum of industries.

Major business categories we serve include:

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