OpenCage Guides to Geocoding and Geosearch

Background, examples and recipes for common use cases and questions

Overview / General Background



Comparing and testing geocoding services

Evaluating geocoding services.
Tips for using the OpenCage Geocoding API

Speed up your geocoding

Run your geocoding faster.

Limit API results to a certain country or region

Only get the geocoding results you need.
Recipies for common situatons

Convert image GPS coordinates into location information

How to turn image coordinates into useful location information.

Determine the ISO codes for a location

Map coordinates or addresses to ISO 3166 codes.

Determine the county for an address

Which county is this address in?

Get the information for a UN/LOCODE

Search for UN/LOCODEs
Migrating to OpenCage
Dealing with API keys
Other geocoding topics

Geosearch / Autosuggest

Consumer expectations for location search

UX challenges in building a location autosuggest.

Geosearch: Technical Considerations

Technical challenges in building a location autosuggest.

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This image shows the node density of OpenStreetMap data in summer 2015.
It's one of many data sources we use.

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