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  • up to 2,500 requests/day
  • 1 request/sec


  • up to 10,000 requests/day
  • 10 requests/sec


  • up to 20,000 requests/day
  • 12 requests/sec


  • up to 100,000 requests/day
  • 15 requests/sec


  • up to 1,000,000 requests/day
  • 15 requests/sec


  • higher limits
All prices are inclusive of any applicable VAT.

Pricing & Billing FAQ

What if I go over my limit?
If you are on the free trial, when you hit 2,500 requests in a day you begin to receive a 402 HTTP response code. See the details in the API docs. If however you are a paying customer, when you reach your limit we do ... nothing. The limits are "soft" in that if you need more requests on a given day, nothing happens, you can keep geocoding. If you cross the limit repeatedly then the following month we ask you to move to the next higher tier.
What form of payments do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, billing/invoicing is done via payment processor Stripe (See detailed security information). OpenCage never sees or accesses your credit card number.

For large and medium annual plans, we can invoice you.

We are working on supporting other payment methods. If paying by credit card is stopping you from becoming a customer please get in touch and we will find a solution.
How long can I use the free trial?
As long as you like. Note though that inactive accounts get deleted after six months.
Can I just use multiple free trial accounts?
No, don't do that. The free trial is a way to test our service - do not use it for anything mission critical. If you need production level reliability, become a customer.
What sort of SLA can you offer?
We pride ourselves on our reliability. Over the last year the service has had 99.9% uptime. We use independent, 3rd-party monitoring to measure uptime of our site and API, have a look at our recent performance.

If you have some particularly demanding requirements let us know. We like a challenge.
Do you offer one-off geocoding?
It depends. If it is not urgent we encourage you to purchase a monthly plan and then cancel after you've finished. If it is urgent please contact us.
Am I locked into a long-term contract?
Are there any setup fees?
Are there any hidden fees?
Do I need to provide a credit card to sign-up for the free tier?
Can I downgrade or cancel my plan if I no longer need so much?
Yes, you can switch whenever you like, for any reason. You'll still have full access until the end of the current billing period.
What about VAT?
All prices are inclusive of any applicable VAT. We are a UK business, our VAT number is GB251995573. You will receive a valid VAT invoice by e-mail for each purchase.

If required we can provide customers with a "Certificate of Tax Residency" proving that we are subject to tax in the United Kingdom.
What will my invoice or proof of purchase look like?
For each purchase you will receive a pdf invoice by e-mail. You can specify who receives the e-mail. You can download an example invoice here. We can glaldy add whatever tax code your country requires to the invoice.
I need a contract or something similar to get internal purchasing approval.
Upon request we can gladly supply a service description that meets your needs to any Medium, Large, or X-Large customer.
Will prices rise in the future?
We have not changed our prices since 2015 and have no plans to do so. Nevertheless, we are happy to commit that if we ever were to raises prices all exisiting customers will continue to pay the old prices.
Have more questions?
No problem. Please see the general FAQ or contact us.
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