OpenCage Pricing

Free trial

free while testing

2,500 requests/day

1 request/sec

no credit card required

testing only

1 only one API key

no IP restriction

no CORS restriction

best effort support



10,000 requests/day

15 requests/sec

about $0.17 per 1,000

no surge pricing

multiple API keys

IP restriction

CORS restriction

priority support



30,000 requests/day

20 requests/sec

about $0.14 per 1,000

no surge pricing

multiple API keys

IP restriction

CORS restriction

priority support



125,000 requests/day

25 requests/sec

about $0.13 per 1,000

no surge pricing

multiple API keys

IP restriction

CORS restriction

priority support



300,000 requests/day

40 requests/sec

about $0.11 per 1,000

no surge pricing

multiple API keys

IP restriction

CORS restriction

priority support



fit to your exact needs

higher limits

custom data formats

no surge pricing

custom SLAs

dedicated instances

custom terms of payment

dedicated support

All prices are inclusive of any applicable VAT.

General Billing Questions

Am I locked into a long-term contract?
No, cancel whenever you like for any reason.
Are there any setup fees?
Are there any hidden fees?
How does OpenCage pricing compare with Google Maps geocoding pricing?
We're much more affordable and customer-friendly (no surge pricing). Here's a detailed pricing comparison with numbers.
What do "no surge pricing" and "soft limits" mean?
Most cloud API providers have hard limits. When you hit your usage limit either the service is turned off, or you are charged a high, often unexpected, overage fee.

This does not happen with us: when subscription customers need more - for example during a short-term spike - they can use more. Our pricing is based on your daily average over the course of the month. If every day you are over your average then we will ask you to move to the appropriate pricing tier for your needs from the next billing period. But you will never have an unexpected charge.

We do not win by squeezing our customers when they need a bit more. We win by being a stable, long-term partner for our customers.
What do you mean by "month"?
Your month begins on the day you purchase and the next month is billed on the same day the following month. As an example, if you become a customer on February 19th, your card will next be billed on March 19th.
I need a contract or something similar to get internal purchasing approval.
Please see our terms and conditions, as you will see we do our best to keep things simple.

Upon request we can gladly supply a comprehensive service description that meets your needs to any prospective Medium, Large, or Enterprise subscription customer.
Will prices rise in the future?
Possibly. The future is a long time. We have changed some, (not all) of our prices once since 2015 to account for inflation and currency rate shift. Existing customers were given more than three months notice - see blog post.
What sort of SLA can you offer?
We pride ourselves on our reliability, and target 100% uptime with no scheduled maintenance windows. We use independent, 3rd-party monitoring to measure uptime of our site and API, please have a look at our recent performance.

On our blog we publish annual performance reports. If you have particularly demanding requirements a custom written SLA is available for our enterprise offering.

If in doubt please get in touch, we work with hundreds of customers large and small around the world, and feel confident we can deliver a solution that works for you.
What if I forget to cancel my subscription?
Please get in touch with us. As long as you have not been using the service excessively we will gladly refund your most recent billing period.

We do not win by tricking you, we win by being a stable, dependable, long-term partner for our clients.
What about VAT?
All prices are inclusive of any applicable VAT. We are a German business, our VAT number is DE323788688. You will receive a valid VAT invoice by e-mail for each purchase.
Can I specify a different e-mail for billing matters and payment confirmations?
Yes, you can have the payment confirmation go to one or more other e-mail addresses, for example your accounting department. Billing matters do not have to go to the e-mail you used when you registered.
What will my invoice or proof of purchase look like?
For each purchase you will receive a pdf invoice by e-mail. You can specify who receives the mail. You can download an example payment confirmation here. We can add whatever tax code your country requires.

You can access old invoices in your account dashboard anytime.
I need a Tax Residency Certificate or US W-8BEN-E form.
Sure, no problem, we can gladly provide those.
What form of payments do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, billing is done via payment processor Stripe (see detailed security information). We never see or store your credit card number.

After you stop being a customer you can, with a single click, delete your payment information.

In some European countries we also accept other bank debit payment methods for one-time purchases.

As part of our relationship with Stripe, we contribute 1% of the revenue they process for us to fund next-generation carbon removal technologies (details).

For large and medium annual subscriptions, we can invoice you.

We are working on supporting other payment methods. If paying by credit card is stopping you from becoming a customer please get in touch and we will find a solution.
What happens if my subscription charge fails?
The last thing we want to do is turn off a customer. When a charge fails you will receive an email asking you to add a new card. Stripe will try to charge you a few times over the course of a week or so. We will try to contact you (by email). Eventually, if all else fails and we can't get in touch with you, we will suspend your account, but there is no need to panic that thing will stop working immediately if your card fails.
What if I have more questions?
No problem. Please see the general FAQ or contact us.

Prefer to talk with a person? Great, please schedule a time that works for you.

Geocoding API billing questions

Do I need to provide a credit card to sign-up for the free trial?
How long can I use the geocoding free trial?
As long as you need for testing. That is what the free trial is there for. If you decide to use our service in production you should become a paying customer. Please note: inactive free trial accounts are deleted after six months.
Can I just use multiple free trial accounts?
No, don't do that. The free trial is a way to test our service - do not use it for anything mission critical. If you need production level reliability, become a customer.
Will I need to change API key after I become a customer?
No, you can keep using the same API key. Or create a new API key if you prefer. Subscription customers can have multiple active keys.
What if I go over my daily API request limit?
As a subscription customer, when you reach your limit we do ... nothing. Everything keeps working, there is no additional surge or usage based pricing. Our limits are "soft". If you need more requests on a given day, that is fine, you can keep geocoding. If you cross the limit repeatedly then the following month we will ask you to move to the next higher tier.
Can I downgrade or cancel my plan if I no longer need so much?
Yes, you can switch whenever you like, for any reason. You'll still have full access until the end of the current billing period.
Can I just send you a file, and you do the geocoding for me?
In that case we would have to charge you for our most valuable resource: our engineering time, which is expensive.

If you don't have the ability to use the API yourself please see our Excel and Google Sheets tutorials. Another option is to work with our partners at Clean Spreadsheets who will gladly do the geocoding for you.
How does one-time geocoding API pricing work?
You can purchase a Small, Medium, or Large one-time plan, depending on your needs. You can then use those requests as and when you like for up a year.
What is the difference between purchasing a subscription and purchasing a one-time geocoding plan?
There is absolutely no difference in the quality or speed of the API results.

There are several differences:

A. Subscription customers do not have hard limits, they can go beyond the daily limit whenever they need to (please see above).

B. Because subscription customers will be using our service over a longer period of time we offer them the ability to do things like set up IP restriction or set a CORS header.
What happens when I reach my one-time limit?
We will send you an email once you use 80% of your limit and again when you use all of your limit. Once you have used up your requests your account will reset to the free trial.
How can I see how many requests I have made?
For one-time plan customers each API response will return the number of requests you have remaining. Please see the details in the rate-limiting section of the API documentation.
Do bad requests or requests with no results count as requests?
Yes, every request counts as it generates work for us. Please test first with the free trial and make sure you understand how our API works before you start geocoding at high volume.
I bought a one-time plan, but now realize I need a subscription. What should I do?
No problem, please get in touch with us, and we will transition you to a subscription and apply a credit equivalent to the unused portion of your one-time plan.

Geosearch billing questions

My site has almost no users, can I use geosearch for free?
No, maintaining the service costs us time and energy. We can not provide it for free. Becoming a customer also helps support us in giving back to the open data and open source communities.
Is there a free trial for geosearch?
No, you can test the autosuggest capability on our site.
Why is geosearch priced differently than geocoding?
Because geosearch and geocoding are entirely different services. Learn the difference.
Why is geosearch a flat fee, why are there not different pricing tiers based on usage?
First, because we know it is almost impossible to estimate how much your users will use the service.

Secondly, our geosearch service is a niche/limited product. It is available only in four languages, it allows searching only in countries / regions / cities / neighborhoods (we don't support full street address), and we return only a small subset of data about each location.

Our service is not a good fit for every usecase. For sites that have a map or form and need a general location search it is fine. This is what our customers use it for, and we offer them a straight-forward predictable pricing for the service.

Start your free trial

2,500 geocoding API requests per day.

No credit card required.

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