Language specific tutorials for using the OpenCage Geocoding API

  • ArcGIS API for Javascript

    article on dev.to
  • Command line

    using curl, HTTPie, or WGET
  • Excel

  • Google Cloud/Serverless

    article on Medium
  • Google Docs

    geocode inside a Google sheet
  • Java

  • Javascript

  • jQuery

  • Jupyter Notebook

  • Insomnia REST Client

    query our API via Insomnia
  • Leaflet

    add search box to a Leaflet map

  • Node.js

  • OpenLayers

    add search box to an OpenLayers map
  • Adding an address to OpenStreetMap

  • Perl

  • PHP

  • Postman

    query our API via the Postman app
  • Python

  • R

    rOpenSci tutorial
  • ReactJS

    article on Medium
  • React Native

    article on Learnetto
  • Ruby

  • Rust

  • geocoding device coordinates with Thingstream

  • Stata

  • Vue.js

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This image shows the node density of OpenStreetMap data in summer 2015.
It's one of many data sources we use.

Data © OpenStreetMap contributors, Imagery © Martin Raifer, cc-by
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OpenStreetMap node coverage