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Our purpose: easy, worldwide, affordable geocoding built on open data.
We're a small team taking on a massive task: geocoding the world with open data.

All positions are remote, our team is fully distributed.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the roles listed below.

Freelance / Project based roles

Scala developer

We would like to integrate support for our API into the enrich stage of the open-source Snowplow Analytics data processing pipeline. Please see this open Github issue. We need someone who knows scala to take this task on, ideally you also have experience with Snowplow. We're happy to pay a reasonable freelancer day rate for your time once we jointly define the exact scope of the project.

SDK developer

There are many different open-source SDKs and libraries for accessing the OpenCage Geocoding API. We would love to have more though. Please get in touch if you would like to write and release an SDK in a programming language we don't yet support. Assuming you follow our SDK guidelines, we'll glaldy pay you a market-competitive day rate for your development time (either in money or free use of our API).

Part-time roles

We currently have no open part-time positions.

Full-time roles

We currently have no open full-time positions.

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