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General Terms

You require an account to use OpenCage services.

You must be over 18 years of age to use OpenCage services.

Registration for use of OpenCage services implies agreement with these terms.

Users of the service agree to obey our published usage limits, as specified on the API details page.

We reserve the right to change the service or any of its various functionalities at any time.

Your use of the service does not imply any form of partnership or joint venture.


OpenCage GmbH is a German company. You agree to abide by the laws of Germany and your country when using this service. You agree not to use the service for any illicit or illegal activities or in any way which violates these terms.


All data provided by the service is done so on an "as is" basis. We provide no warranties or guarantees of any kind as to the correctness or usability of the data.

By using the service you agree that OpenCage GmbH is not responsible, in any way, for any consequences resulting from use of information provided by the service.

Data licenses

Use of the service implies agreement to respect and obey the terms of the data licenses of returned results, most specifically OpenStreetMap's ODbL license. Users of the service accept all responsibility for obeying licensing terms of the data.


Customers may cancel at any time for any reason. Cancellation does not entitle customers to a refund of any fees already paid.

We may delete any account we deem to be inactive.

We have no obligation to continue providing service to any account on our free trial tier.

Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing:

  • we reserve the right to cancel service to customers at any time. We will provide a pro-rata refund for the remaining amount of the current billing period.
  • customers grant the right for us to display their name and/or logo on our website and marketing materials for a purely factual representation of their status as a customer.

Data sharing / GDPR

Please see our page about data protection and GDPR compliance.


We reserve the right to cancel the account of any user we, at our sole discretion, deem to be abusing our service.


We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

We may change our fees at any time by posting a new fee structure. Should we do so existing customers will continue to pay the previous fees unless otherwise explicitly agreed with the customer.

Changes take effect immediately from the time of publication. Continued use of the service implies acceptance of changes.


Should you have any questions about these terms please feel free to contact us.

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