Location autosuggest for forms and maps

Autocomplete for forms

  • Easy-to-use, drop-in javascript library
  • Worldwide or limit results to a specific country or area
  • No nonsense, flat fee, predictable pricing

Try it:

for example: "Berlin", "Soho", or "Eiffel Tower"

Location search for maps

  • Use with any map you like
  • Works in desktop, mobile, behind a firewall
  • Save engineering time with a drop-in solution

Some of the customers using OpenCage geosearch

Common Geosearch Questions

Who is OpenCage geosearch for?
Anyone who wants an accessible, easy-to-install, easy-to-configure, coarse location search functionality in a form or map, from a reliable partner, and at a highly competitive price.
Where can I see an example?

Please see the Geosearch demo page where you can play with a live version of the service and configure which language results should appear in, how many results to show, etc. In addition, you can find various examples in the OpenCage codepen account.

If you want to add geosearch to a map you can do that as well, please see our tutorials for integration in Leaflet, OpenLayers, or our MapLibre codepen example.

The full documentation (and code) is on GitHub in the OpenCage geosearch repository.

Can I limit results to specific countries or a bounding box?
Yes, that is configurable. See the documentation.
Can I show more than 5 results?
Yes, that is configurable. See the documentation.
Can I change which language the results appear in?
By default results appear in English, but you can change that to German, French or Spanish. Try it out on the Geosearch demo page. Please let us know if there's another language you'd like to have.
Can I change the look and feel?
Yes, and if there is demand we will release a few different themes.
What about accessibility?
Our geosearch is built on top of Algolia's excellent Autocomplete library, which is widely used by many services and fully accessible.
How much does it cost?
Please see our pricing page.
How can I use geosearch?
Geosearch is the tool to use if you need let users select a location to:
  • fill in a form
  • change the location of a map
  • redirect the user to a different page
  • use the information returned by geosearch in another API
This looks like what I need, how do I get it?
Please sign up for an OpenCage account, and then visit the Geosearch tab of your account dashboard.

We look forward to working with you.
Is this a replacement for Google Places?

It depends on what you need. While we do have many famous points of interest (POIs) we do not have all the restaurants and stores that Google has.

Our geosearch is a drop-in, cost-effecive tool if you want your users to be able to search for countries, states, regions, cities, towns, villages, neighbourhoods, etc.

Why can't I search for house addresses, postcodes, or roads?

Because there is not yet a comprehensive, open dataset of all the addresses of the world, and we don't want to spend all day answering support emails along the line of "why can't it find 123 My Street?" Sorry. We will get there but not in V1. If you need full addresses, streets, or postcodes this is not yet the service for you.

What is the difference between geocoding and geosearch?
They are similar, but different. Geocoding turns an address or placename into coordinates. Geosearch turns a few characters into a placename (which could then be used as input for geocoding). Please see our detailed guide to the differences between geocoding and geosearch.
What about ...????
If we weren't able to answer your question here, or you want more detail, please get in touch.