Excel Geocoding Tutorial

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Before we dive in to the tutorial ...

Please note our Excel plugin is designed as a way to quickly test our service or to do a small (< 1,000) volume of geocoding. It is not designed for high volume production use.

If your spreadsheet geocoding needs are more complex, or you'd just generally like someone else to solve this for you, we recommend you work with our friends at Clean Spreadsheets, who will gladly use our API to do the geocoding for you.

Ok, ready?

You can use the OpenCage geocoder inside Microsoft Excel to convert a list of coordinates to placenames (reverse geocoding) or placenames/addresses to coordinates (forward geocoding).

  1. register for an OpenCage Geocoder API key
  2. Download and install the OpenCage Excel Add-in.
  3. Once installed the add-in enables to new formulas =RGEOCODE for reverse geocoding, and =FGEOCODE for forward geocoding

    OpenCage Excel geocoding tutorial step 1

    notice that the parameters are slightly different for the two functions.

  4. Within the Add-in you'll find detailed examples in the "Examples" sheet

    OpenCage Excel geocoding tutorial step 2

  5. Before either command will work you will need to enter your OpenCage Geocoder API key in the "Get Started" sheet.

    OpenCage Excel geocoding tutorial step 3

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