Replacing your geocoding API key


Your OpenCage geocoding API key is a 30 character alphanumeric string. You set it as the value of the key parameter, one of the two required parameters, on every request to the OpenCage geocoding API.

Once you log in you will find your API key in your account dashboard.

Multiple geocoding API keys per account

Free trial and one-time plan are limited to one key at a time, subscription customers can have multiple keys.

Disabling or replacing your API key

In your account dashboard you can disable your API key at any time and replace it with a new API key. Please note: usage statistics are tied to your account, not to a specific API key. Creating a new key will not reset your usage limits.

Step 1.

Surf to the "Geocoding API" section of your account dashboard. You will see your API key, click on "Settings" for the key you would like to disable.
OpenCage - replacing your geocoding API key

Step 2.

In the Settings panel click on "Disable"
OpenCage - replacing your geocoding API key

Step 3.

Close the Settings panel for the now disabled key and you will return to the Geocoding API section of the account dashboard. The old key will still be there, but is now disabled. You will see a button to "Create another API key". Click it.
OpenCage - replacing your geocoding API key

Step 4.

Your new key has now been created and is ready to be used. Happy geocoding.
OpenCage - replacing your geocoding API key

Protecting your geocoding API key(s)

Questions or concerns?

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