Traccar integration Tutorial

Use the OpenCage Geocoding API in Traccar


Traccar is a popular open source vehicle tracking platform that can be used with many different GPS devices

In this tutorial we show how to configure Traccar to use the OpenCage Geocoding API to turn device coordinates collected by Traccar into useful location information (addresses, roads, etc)

Step 1: Sign up for an OpenCage account

Sign up for an OpenCage account, and get your OpenCage API key

If you already have an account then log in.

Step 2: Specify OpenCage in your Traccar configuration

Edit your Traccar configuration file to specify the following values:

<entry key='geocoder.enable'>true</entry>
<entry key='geocoder.type'>opencage</entry>
<entry key='geocoder.key'>YOUR-API-KEY</entry>
<entry key='geocoder.format'>%f</entry>
<entry key='geocoder.language'>en</entry>                

Set the value of geocoder.language to the two-letter language code of the language you want results to appear in - en for English in the example configuration above), though please note that this configuration is only available in versions of Traccar released after March of 2022. In earlier versions Traccar will always default to English.

Have questions? Please get in touch

Please contact us should you have any questions about this tutorial or OpenCage in general.

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