Postman Geocoding Tutorial

Using Postman to access the OpenCage geocoding API

Postman is an application designed to make developing against APIs simpler. To be honest, our API is very straight-forward, with only a single entry point and authentication via the key parameter you supply as a variable in your request. Many APIs are more complex, and Postman can be a great tool for interacting with them.

Still, we thought it might be useful to publish a Postman "collection" to help anyone who wants to access our API via this tool.

  1. Sign up for an OpenCage Geocoding API key, or if you already have one log in.
  2. Download and install the Postman application from the Postman website.

  3. Create a Postman account

  4. Import the OpenCage collection into your Postman application by clicking this button: Run in Postman

  5. The "OpenCage Geocoder" collection should now appear in your app.

    OpenCage Postman tutorial step 1

  6. When you click on the collection name, you will see the collection has one request called "json geocoding request". Click on it.

    OpenCage Postman tutorial step 2

  7. One of the request parameters is a variable {{APIKEY}} which is currently unresolved (ie empty or undefined)

    OpenCage Postman tutorial step 3

  8. You need to create an environment in which you define a value for {{APIKEY}}

    OpenCage Postman tutorial step 4

  9. Add an environment (in this example it is named "OpenCage") and define a variable named "APIKEY", set the value to your OpenCage API key.

    OpenCage Postman tutorial step 5

  10. Save the environment, close it, and select it

    OpenCage Postman tutorial step 6

  11. Now click "Send" and you should see a response from the OpenCage Server

    OpenCage Postman tutorial step 7

  12. Happy geocoding!

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