Stata Geocoding Tutorial

opencagegeo is a Stata module written by Lars Zeigermann to access the OpenCage Geocoding API.

Install (or update) opencagegeo

* Install the Stata module and two required user-written stata libraries from SSC:
. ssc install opencagegeo
. ssc install libjson
. ssc install insheetjson

* If you already have opencagegeo installed make sure you have the newest version
. adoupdate opencagegeo, update

Batch geocode addresses (forward geocoding)

* If you have a dataset of addresses stored in a single string variable 'address'
. opencagegeo, key(YOUR-API-KEY) fulladdress(address)

* If your addresses are stored in separate variables, e.g. house number in 'num', street name in 'str', city in 'city', and country in 'ctry':
. opencagegeo, key(YOUR-API-KEY) number(num) street(str) city(city) country(ctry)

Batch geocode coordinates (reverse geocoding)

* To geocode coordinates stored in a single variable 'coords' in the following format: latitude,longitude
. opencagegeo, key(YOUR-API-KEY) coordinates(coords)

* If your coordinates are stored in two separate variables 'lat' and 'lng'
. opencagegeo, key(YOUR-API-KEY) latitude(lat) longitude(lng)

Geocoding a single address or pair of coordinates

To geocode a single address or coordinates, you can use opencagegeoi the immediate version of opencagegeo
* First you need to save your API key to a global macro 'mykey'
. global mykey YOUR-API-KEY
. opencagegeoi YOUR-ADDRESS-HERE

Learn more

. help opencagegeo
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